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How Do I Get Telemundo on Sling TV?

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How Do I Get Telemundo on Sling TV?

Sling TV is the industry leader in streaming live television, including some of the biggest and best national networks in the world. With Sling, you can watch channels such as ESPN, Disney, NFL Network, NBC, and much more! Sling also encourages customers to combine its top-notch streaming service with an easy-to-use AirTV antenna, allowing you to watch local channels such as Telemundo and Univision! Plus, Sling is running a current promotion for a FREE AirTV antenna, so customers can watch local channels like Telemundo for no additional charge!

With Sling TV and an AirTV Antenna, you can watch 85+ live local and national channels for today!

Watch Live Local Channels With Antenna

Sling TV provides customers with many of the biggest and best national channels across the United States, including ESPN, CNN, the History Channel, Cartoon Network, and much more – but it can also allow you to watch local live TV! All you have to do is pair your Sling TV plan with an AirTV antenna, which will allow you to pick up local television stations such as your area’s ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and more. The AirTV also picks up live, local Spanish-language channels such as Telemundo and Univision.

If you want to watch national channels and local broadcasts, Sling TV + AirTV antenna is a great option for you!

Get a FREE AirTV Antenna Today!

There are constantly great deals and promotions being run by Sling, but this could be one of its best yet! Sling is offering customers a FREE AirTV antenna to all customers who prepay 2 months of their Sling TV plan. That means you get a free $79.99 AirTV antenna for no additional charge, and you can start streaming all your favorite local channels right away.

If you’re looking to stream local tv channels, Sling’s FREE AirTV antenna promotion is a great one to take advantage of!

Does Sling TV Have Latino Channels?

Yes! If you sign up for Sling TV, you can easily add one of the many Spanish-language add-on packs that will give you tons of extra channels! Sling currently offers additional packages from areas such as Mexico, Spain, Latin America, South America, the Caribbean, and more! These add-on packs mean you can choose the exact channels you and your family would like, and add them onto your Sling TV plan. Plus, if you use an AirTV antenna, you can start streaming additional Spanish and Latino channels such as Telemundo, Univision, and more! 

For a full look at all of Sling’s Spanish-Language Add-On packages, check the helpful chart below!

Spanish Sling TV Packages




Estrella TV, Universo, beIN Sports




Canal Once, Video Rola, MexiCanal




TyC Sports, Canal Suz, Neustra Tele




Wapa America, TV Quisqueya, Cuba Max TV




Azteca, Nat Geo Mundo, Hola! TV




CATV, Canal 8, Tele El Salvador

What Spanish Channels Does Sling TV Have?

With a huge variety of Spanish-language add-on packs available, Sling TV has upwards of 35+ channels from Spanish-speaking countries across the world. That includes some of the most popular channels including Estrella TV, ESPN Desportes, Universo, Discovery Familia, beIN Sports, and many more! Plus, if you combine your Sling TV plan with a AirTV antenna, you can watch even more local Spanish channels such as Telemundo or Univision.

If you want to stream live Spanish-language channels, cut the cord and make the switch to Sling TV today!

No Contracts or Credit Checks

Unlike many cable television and streaming providers, Sling is proud to have absolutely zero contracts for its service. That means you’ll never be locked into a service that you aren’t happy with. Sling also believes that everyone should be entertained with the content they want, and don’t run any credit checks for any of its plans.

Streaming tv has been made easy again, thanks to Sling TV!

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Stream Live TV On-The-Go

In today’s busy world, it’s next to impossible to sit down and make time to watch your favorite shows and movies. That’s why it’s so important for any streaming or tv service worth its weight to have a robust mobile streaming option, and the Sling TV app delivers. You can download the apps to a huge variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and more – and start streaming right away. 

Never miss your must-watch shows, movies, or live events again – with the Sling TV app!

Does Sling Latino Have a Free Trial?

Yes! All customers can try out the Sling Latino add-on package for FREE for 7 days! Test out all of Sling Latino’s added channels and features before signing up. You can watch on up to 3 devices at once, so the whole family can access Spanish-language shows, movies, news, live sports, and more! 

If you want to give Sling Latino a try, start your free 7 day trial today!


How Much Does Sling Latino Cost?
Sling Latino costs only $10/mo, and can be added to Sling TV Orange or Blue plans. Plus, when you add more than 2 Sling Add-On packs, you can save big! 

Can I Watch Telemundo on Sling TV?
Absolutely! When you combine an AirTV antenna with your Sling TV plan, you can watch live local channels such as Telemundo. Plus, Sling TV is running a FREE AirTV antenna promotion right now!

How Much Is An AirTV Antenna on Sling?
AirTV Antennas are usually $79.99, but Sling is currently running a promotion where you can get one for free if you prepay for 2 months of your Sling TV plan.

Does Sling TV Include DVR?
Yes! Sling TV includes 50 hours of DVR storage for all your favorite recorded shows, movies, games, and more. Plus, you can purchase DVR Plus for only $5/mo for 200 hours extra.

Does Sling have Telemundo and Univision?
You can easily watch Telemundo, Univision, and other local Spanish-language channels when you combine Sling TV with an AirTV antenna! Sling is currently running a promotion that gives customers an AirTV antenna for free for prepaying 2 months of their service! 

Are There Deals on Sling TV?
Sling is constantly running great deals on their products and services. For a list of promotions and deals available right now, check out our Deals page now!