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Does Sling TV Have Local TV Channels?

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Does Sling TV Have Local TV Channels?

If you’re looking to cut the cord with your traditional cable television company, you may be wondering if you’ll still have access to your local channels with a streaming service. The short answer is yes, but there’s a little bit of information you should know to better understand how to get local channels. With Sling TV, and most other streaming platforms, local channels aren’t automatically included in your plan – but they can easily be watched with an Over-The-Air antenna. Basically, these devices connect directly to your television, and gather the signals from your local networks, allowing you to watch all your favorite live local news, shows, and sports programming.

With Sling TV, we recommend using AirTV products, as they work seamlessly with Sling products. We also have some great promotions currently running that can get you a reduced cost or free AirTV antennas!

Stream Local Channels With AirTV Antenna

Sling offers a huge amount of national networks and programming, but when you pair it with an AirTv antenna, you can even start watching live local tv! AirTV antennas are built specifically to allow your television to show local networks and programs in your area. This can be especially helpful for people trying to watch local news or sports programs that only air in your home area. When you connect an AirTV antenna to your tv and your Sling account, all of your local channels will pop right into your Sling channel guide; so you can quickly and easily browse every national and local channel you’d want!

AirTV antennas are incredibly simple to use, have a great brand reputation, and are incredibly cost-effective – plus we have a number of great promos that can get an AirTV Mini antenna in your hands for free.

Get A Free AirTV Mini Today

If you’ve signed up for Sling TV, and want to start watching live local tv with an AirTV, we’ll provide one for free. All you need to do is pre-pay for 2 months of your Sling TV service, and we’ll send you an AirTV Mini for no charge. All you have to do is plug it into power, connect it to your HDMI connection, and boom! You can easily watch some of your favorite local television for no additional cost. 

Sling also offers reduced pricing for other AirTV products such as the AirTV2 + HD Antenna or AirTV Anywhere + HD Antenna, so be sure to ask our Sling TV specialists!

What Local Channels Can You Get With Sling TV + AirTV Antennas?

The channels you’re able to access when you combine Sling TV with an AirTV product depend on your exact region. Most major networks such as ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, and CBS all have local affiliates that broadcast news, shows, and sporting events from your local area. Local affiliates of these major networks can be picked up directly from your AirTV, and will show up right in your Sling TV guide, so you can easily start watching them!

By using an AirTV Antenna with your Sling TV plan you’ll be able to watch the best local networks which shows regional news, weather, sports, and more – plus some of the biggest shows such as Dancing With The Stars and Grey’s Anatomy, as well as events such as The Super Bowl and The Olympics!

Record Local TV Shows & News

Combining Sling TV and AirTV brings you the best of both worlds, allowing you to watch some of the biggest national networks, as well as local channels. But we all know how impossible it is to find the time to sit down and catch the shows and news we want at the exact right time. Thankfully, you can record any program you want – from a national network or local broadcast. Every single Sling TV customer gets 50 hours of free DVR storage, and you can use it however you’d like! That means you can record the season premiere of your favorite nationally broadcast show, or record the full game of your local football or basketball team!

The combination of Sling TV and AirTV really lets you enjoy the tv programming you want, when you want – for no additional cost!

Watch Live National TV Channels

Watching live local news, weather, and sports is obviously important, but Sling TV also gives its customers access to 46+ national networks. These channels include NBCSN, AMC, Disney Channel, TBS, ESPN, Fox Sports 1, and many others. Sling TV lets you watch just about any show, news program, or sporting event you can imagine for one low price. It offers simple pricing skews, and never forces its customers into any contracts or credit checks.

Cable companies really complicated the process, but Sling TV is making watching tv simple again!

Live Local Sports on Sling TV

A huge draw of wanting to watch live local television broadcasts is to watch the sports teams in your area. Often, the local affiliates of huge networks will air the professional and collegiate teams in your area. When you combine Sling TV with an AirTV antenna, you can start watching those channels for free – and never miss a game from your favorite team again! Instead of dishing out hundreds for league-based streaming services, check to see if there are local channels that broadcast your team’s game instead!

The combination of Sling TV and AirTV technology allows you to watch tons of live local sports for no additional cost!


Can You Watch Local Channels on Sling TV?
Yes! Sling TV includes some local channels in select markets, and can also use an antenna such as AirTV to watch many other local channels!  

Which Local Channels Are Available on Sling?
In select markets, Sling customers can watch some local channels directly streaming, but when you combine AirTV with Sling you can watch tons of local channels and network affiliates such as CBS, NBC, FOX, and more!

How Much Is An AirTV?
AirTV Antennas are usually $79.99, but Sling is currently running a promotion where you can get one for free if you prepay for 2 months of your Sling TV plan.

Does Sling TV Include DVR?
Yes! Sling TV includes 50 hours of DVR storage for all your favorite recorded shows, movies, games, and more. Plus, you can purchase DVR Plus for only $5/mo for 200 hours extra.

Does Sling Have Any Spanish Channels?
Yes! Sling offers many Spanish and Latin American channels! Plus, you can easily watch Telemundo, Univision, and other local Spanish-language channels when you combine Sling TV with an AirTV antenna! Sling is currently running a promotion that gives customers an AirTV antenna for free for prepaying 2 months of their service!