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Sling TV Extras & Premium Channels

Stream exactly what you want with Sling TV and Sling TV Extras!
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Premium Channels for as low as $1.99/month!


Sling TV Extras Channels

Sling is obsessed with giving its customers the best streaming TV service possible. That means Sling TV users can be confident they’re paying for exactly what they want, and nothing more; and Sling Extras is how they achieve that! Sling Extras are channel packs outside Sling’s base plans, that you can stream regularly for a small monthly fee, and you can change whenever you want. They range from 4-10+ extra channels, generally revolving around a similar theme; such as children’s programming or sports content. Plus, they have no contracts, so if you want to watch a specific channel for a few months, you can add it – and then remove it when you finish watching your favorite series. 

Sling Extras start as low as $6/month, and include channels in Sports, Entertainment, News, Children’s Programming, and more!

Stream More with Sling TV Premium Channels

Not only does Sling have a ton of great Extra bundles, but you can also add Premium Channels to your plan, for as low as $1.99/month! These are single channels, VOD services, and streaming platforms, that give you access to some of the best content available today, including Paramount, MGM+, Docurama, Comedy Dynamics, IFC Films Unlimited, and more!

Sling TV Premium Channels are also great for households who speak English and Spanish, with packages such as Cocina On and FlixLatino completely in Spanish!

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Sling TV Extra Channel Deals

After you take a look at the full selection of Sling TV Extras and Premium Channels, you may want to add multiple different options to your plan. Thankfully, Sling offers a number of special deals that allows you to bundle and save when you add multiple different options to your package. One of the most popular bundles is the “Total TV Deal” which includes the 7 most popular Extras, as well as DVR Plus, for just $21/mo! That means you have access to Sports Extra, Kids Extra, News Extra, Lifestyle Extra, Entertainment Extra, Hollywood Extra, Heartland Extra and DVR Plus; with more than 200+ hours of content storage!

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Sling TV Extra Channel Bundles

If you’re thinking about adding multiple Sling TV Add-On Channels, you can cash in on serious savings with a Sling Extra Channel Bundle! Sling groups together some similar Add-On Channels at a discounted price for its viewers! For example, if you’re a sports lover, you can get Sling TV’s Sports Extra bundle, which gives you 13  additional channels such as the SEC Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, and beIN Sports, for only $11/mo! Sling also includes bundles that give you additional DVR space.

For more information on Sling TV’s Extra Channel Bundles, check out this full list below!

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Can You Add Extras To Any Plan?
Yes! Once you sign up for any of Sling’s Live TV plans, you are able to add any Sling Extra package or premium plan directly. 

Are There Any Contracts Involved?
No! All of Sling TV’s Extras + Premium Channels are month-to-month and can be canceled whenever!

What Devices Can Stream Sling Extras?
Any device that can stream Sling TV can also access Extras or Premium Channels! That includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart tvs, and more!

Can You Stream Sports on Sling TV Extras?
Absolutely! The Sling TV Sports Extra includes 10+ additional sports channels, including the SEC Network, ACCN, ESPNU, beIN Sports, and much more.