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How To Watch Football on Sling TV

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How To Watch Football on Sling TV

There’s just nothing better than sitting down to watch your favorite football team on a Sunday morning. Even if your team isn’t playing, watching all of the other games on a multicast channel like NFL Redzone can keep you entertained as you keep tabs on your fantasy football team. However you choose to enjoy watching football, Sling TV is a great option to never miss a minute of the action.

Professional and collegiate football seem to be going on just about every day of the week, and there are great ways to catch them all on Sling TV. From league-specific channels and scoring highlights, to college networks and football news shows, Sling TV has everything a football-lover could possibly need.

Stream NFL on Sling TV

If it’s professional NFL football you’re after, you can certainly find it on Sling TV! Channels such as NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sports 1 constantly are showing NFL football games & live coverage and analysis. Plus, local channels such as ABC, FOX, NBC are available in select markets and show relevant games in your area! Not only that, but you can also add the Sports Extra Pack we’ll tackle later for the NFL Redzone, which allows you to see 7 hours of commercial free football, with Scott Hanson showing us all of the scoring action across the league. 

The NFL is slowly adding more and more games in different countries, time zones, and markets, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing. Make sure you can watch all the games you want, with Sling TV.

Live College Football

Even though it’s not a professional league, college football is some of the most popular sporting events and tv programming in the United States. From huge rivalry games to New Year Bowl Game season, there’s always an important and exciting game on TV, and Sling TV is a great place to catch them all! Many games are shown on standard national networks, while others are shown on individual athletic conferences networks. 

Thankfully, Sling TV has channels such as ESPN 1-3 and FS1 which show a ton of college football games. Plus, you can easily add the Sports Extra Channel Pack for access to channels such as SEC Network, ACC Network, ESPNU, and more!

Premium Sports Channel Packs

If watching live sports, including football, is important to you and your family, Sling offers 2 premium channel packages that add some of the best channels and networks in the entire sporting world.

For only $10/mo, the Sports Extra pack adds 13 premium sports channels including the SEC Network, ACC Network, ESPNews, NHL Network, and more!

Sling also offers the Sports Extra pack for $15/mo, which adds in even more channels including the NFL Redzone, B1G Network, NBC Golf and more!

Stream Football Anywhere You Are

With so many important college and pro football games happening around the same time, it’s impossible to watch every game you want live! That’s why it’s such a huge bonus that Sling TV has an excellent mobile app that lets you watch live and recorded tv from wherever you are. 

Catch every big play and first down, no matter where you are!

Can You Record Football Games?

Yes! If you can’t watch along live, you can easily record your favorite team’s game and watch it whenever you have time! Every Sling TV customer has access to 50 hours of free DVR space, so you have more than enough to record a few games. You can also watch recorded content on your home devices such as smart TVs, computers, gaming devices, as well as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Record live games you can’t watch live, and stream them on any of your devices.

Football Entertainment & News

Obviously, loving football is all about watching the games and players on the field, but it’s also about keeping up with stats, analysis, standings and more. If you’re looking for more coverage of pro and collegiate football, you can find it on channels such as ESPN, beIN Sports, ESPNU, PAC-12 Network, FS2, and more; all available on Sling TV. Learning more about your team, their analytics, and breaking news are great ways to stay in “the loop!”

Watch Local Football With Sling TV

Not only can you stream live football games and coverage on national networks, but you can also watch live local networks that show your regional teams! All you have to do is combine your Sling TV service with an AirTV Antenna. AirTV technology lets you access over-the-air broadcasts of local networks, and add it directly to your Sling TV service. 

Plus, you can get a Free AirTV Mini right now, by simply prepaying for 2 months of your Sling TV service!