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Sling TV Blue

Stream all of your favorite TV channels for only $35 a month on Sling TV! Get your first month half off today!
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Sling TV Blue

Sling TV Blue lets customers easily and affordably stream all of their favorite TV channels to any of their devices! With Sling TV Blue, you get access to all of your favorite channels such as Fox Sports 1, MSNBC, NBC, and more for one low price of $35 a month! You can also easily add additional channels that aren’t included for as low as $5, so you can pay for exactly what channels you want! Sling TV is also available to stream on mobile devices, smart TV’s, laptops, gaming systems, and more, so you never have to miss your shows! Plus, if you sign up now, you can get 1/2 OFF YOUR FIRST MONTH of Sling TV Blue!
$35/Month 1/2 OFF FIRST MONTH

Sling TV Blue Channels

There are 43+ channels included in Sling TV Blue, such as Fox News, Travel Channel, A&E, and more! Sling Blue is also perfect for sports lovers, with channels such as Fox Sports 1, NFL Network, and NBC Sports! You can also watch full-length films with movie channels like Lifetime, VICE, and TruTV! Sling TV Blue has a wide variety of channels that will keep you and your whole family entertained! Call us today to sign up for Sling TV today!

5 Boxes with TV Networks - Travel Channel, A&E, Fox Sports, Fox News, and NFL Network

Sling TV Blue Channel Lineup

You’ll get 3 device streams, no contracts, and 50 hours DVR storage free. Sling TV Blue is great for streaming local and national news, entertainment, and pro football.