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Sling TV Blue vs Orange

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Sling TV Blue vs Orange

If you’re looking for the best live TV streaming service, you can stop your search at Sling TV. With its simple-to-understand 2 plans, you can get the channels you want for a price that doesn’t break the bank. With Sling, you can choose the Orange or Blue plan for only $40/Mo, or combine them both for just $55/Mo. If you decide to opt for either the Orange or Blue plans, we want to make sure you’re choosing the plan that will work the best for you, so read on for a quick overview of Sling TV Orange vs Blue.

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Channel Selection

When it comes to choosing the best TV streaming service for you, the biggest question is exactly which channels are included in each package! With any Sling TV Plan, if there is a specific channel that isn’t included in your plan, you can add it for as low as $5/Mo.

Sling TV Orange currently includes 32+ Live TV Channels including favorites such as NBC, ESPN 1-3, Disney Channel, and more. Sling TV Orange is a great choice for big sports fans or families with young children! It also included channels such as Epix Drive-In and Lifetime with full, feature-length movies your whole house will enjoy. 

Sling TV Blue currently boasts 43+ Live TV Channels which include Fox News, MSNBC, the NFL Network, Syfy Channel, and more. That means Sling TV Blue is an especially great choice if you want to watch the best in local and national news or if you’re an NFL superfan!

Sling TV Blue Channels

Sling TV Orange Channels

Sling TV Cost

Another incredibly important factor to weigh when choosing your live TV streaming service is cost. Many services have skyrocketed their pricing, but Sling TV has great plans that are reasonably priced and won’t break the bank!

Both Sling TV Blue and Orange are available for only $40/Mo each!

Plus, they’re always running great promotions like 1/2 OFF your first month if you call today! Not only are Sling TV Blue and Orange affordably priced, but you can also combine them both for the best in Live TV Streaming for only $55/Mo.

Sling TV


  •  41+ Channels
  • Live & Recorded TV
  • 3 Devices at Once
  • Perfect for Live Events, Sports, and News

Sling TV


  •  30+ Channels
  • Live & Recorded TV
  • Watch Anywhere With the Sling TV Mobile App
  • Perfect for Families, Reality TV Buffs, NBA Fans, and more!
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Streaming Devices

Live TV and entertainment are no longer just watched sitting down in front of your TV. You can watch Sling TV anywhere you go on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop – and on just about any device in your entire home including computers, Xbox, smart TVs and more! 

One significant difference between Sling TV Blue and Orange is the number of devices you can use to watch at the same time. With Sling TV Blue, you can watch on up to 3 devices at any time – which means someone could be watching at home on the Smart TV, while you watch on your Smartphone, and someone else is watching across the country! On Sling TV Orange, you can watch on 1 device at a time, so you’ll have to manage who is watching when!

Extra Features

Another added benefit of Sling TV is the amazing features both plans are loaded with. In keeping in line with Sling’s motto of simplicity, both plans have exactly the same features minus a few slight changes in the extra channel packs. Both Sling TV Orange and Blue include 50 hours of DVR Storage, a great Sling TV mobile app so you can watch on-the-go, additional premium channel packs, and more! Plus, Sling TV offers a FREE 3-day trial so you can see if it works for you!

Sling TV


  •  47+ Channels
  • Live & Recorded TV
  • Watch Anywhere With the Sling TV Mobile App
  • Stream On 3 Devices At Once

Additional Channels & Channel Packs

As mentioned above, if you sign up for Sling TV Blue or Orange, but want to add specific channels or channel packs, Sling offers plenty! If you’re a huge sports fan the Sports Extra package includes 10+ of the best sports channels including NBA TV, ESPNU, NHL Network, and more for just $11. If you’re frequently watching TV with your kids, the Kids Extra package includes 7 channels including Disney Junior, teen nick, Disney XD, Boomerang, and more for only $6. Other channel packs include Hollywood Extra, AMC+, Comedy Extra, News Extra, and more!

The Verdict

When it comes down to comparing Sling TV Blue and Orange, the plans are very similar. They cost the exact same amount a month and are loaded with the same great features Sling TV is known for. Ultimately, the two biggest differences are your preferences for channel selection and how many screens you can watch at once. With Sling TV Blue you can watch on up to 3 devices at one time, and on Sling TV Orange you can only use one at a time. Customers should definitely take a good look at each plan’s channel list and pick which is better for them. Before you make your final decision you can also take advantage of Sling’s FREE 3-Day trial!


How Many Devices Can I Use On Sling TV?
You can use the Sling TV app on tablets, smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more! You can also watch at the same time on up to 3 devices on the Sling TV Blue plans!

Does Sling TV Have Local Channels?
Yes! Sling TV has local programming from channels such as Fox and ABC so you can catch all the local news, weather, and more!

Does Sling TV Have Spanish-Language Channels?
Yes! Sling offers the Sling TV Latino package, which offers 20+ Spanish Language Channels including Univsion, beIN Sports en Español, History en Español, BabyTV Español, and more!

Can I Customize My Channels?
If you want a specific channel that isn’t included in your plan, you can add individual channels for as low as $5/mo. You can also add premium channels such as Showtime, Epix, and more!

Can I Pause Or Cancel My Sling TV?
Yes! Sling TV is contract-free so you can choose to pause or cancel your subscription whenever you’d like.
Can I Combine Both Sling TV Packages?
Yes! If you’re having a tough time choosing between the Sling TV Orange or Blue plans, you can combine the two and get the best of both worlds!
How Many Devices Can You Use At Once?
It depends on the plan! With Sling TV Orange, you can watch on 3 devices at the same time. With Sling TV Blue, you can watch on 1 device at a time. With the Sling TV Blue + Orange plan, you can watch on 3 devices as well. 
Does Sling TV Offer A Trial?
Yes! You can try Sling TV FREE for 3 days to make sure it works perfectly for you!
What Devices Can You Watch Sling TV On?
Sling TV is available on just about any device you can imagine – including iPhones, Androids, Smart TV’s, Apple TV’s, Xbox One’s, iPads, tablets, and more!