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Does Sling TV Have a 30-Day Trial?

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Does Sling TV Have a 30-Day Trial?

In the past, Sling has offered a 30-day free trial of its services, but is it still running? The short answer is, no. Sling is not currently offering a 30-day free trial, but they are offering a variety of ways to try its service for no or reduced costs! There are still ways to access a free trial period for Sling TV, as well as free weekend trials, and great introductory deals to save customers money! 

Even without a 30-day free trial, Sling has a ton of great offers that make it easy to try out its tv streaming services, and get the best price possible. 

Sign Up In The Sling App For A 3-Day Free Trial

While the full 30-day free trial is no longer available for Sling, they do offer a 3-day free trial when you download the app on select devices. Just download the Sling TV App on any Samsung device, Windows 10 machine, Amazon Fire product, or LG device and you can sign up for a 3-day free trial without any true commitment. 

It may not be as long as a 30-day free trial, but a 3-day free trial is still available and allows you to give Sling’s product a try without paying a cent!

Sling Freeview Weekends

If you want to give Sling TV a try without paying, Sling Freeview Weekends are your best bet! On select weekends, Sling offers free programming from its best channels, such as AMC+, NFL Redzone, Showtime, Paramount Network, and more! It’s completely free, with no strings attached, gives you a great chance to see what Sling TV service looks like, and lets you watch some of your favorite shows and programs. 

With Sling not currently running its 30-day free trial, Sling Freeview Weekends are the best way to give the service a test run!

Current Deals on Sling TV

Sling is the best provider around when it comes to streaming live tv directly to your home or mobile devices. They have an impressive selection of channels to watch, an easy-to-understand plan structure, and they’re constantly running great deals on Sling TV service. From deals on equipment and channel bundles, to introductory offers and more, Sling TV is the best deal in the game. 

For a full list of the current deals on Sling TV, check our page below!

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Sling Has No Contracts Or Credit Checks

So many traditional cable companies make customers sign up for huge contracts that lock them into their service for years. Sling doesn’t believe you should ever feel backed into a corner just to stay entertained, which is why they have no contracts. That means your Sling membership is always month-to-month and you can cancel whenever you’d like. Plus, it also means new customers aren’t subject to obtrusive credit checks. 

Sling TV makes streaming live tv as easy as it should be, with no contracts or credit checks ever!

Save With Sling Season Pass

In today’s busy world, it’s next to impossible to sit down and make time to watch your favorite shows and movies. That’s why it’s so important for any streaming or tv service worth its weight to have a robust mobile streaming option, and the Sling TV app delivers. You can download the apps to a huge variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and more – and start streaming right away. 

Never miss your must-watch shows, movies, or live events again – with the Sling TV app!


Does Sling TV Have A 30-Day Free Trial
Sling no longer offers its 30-day free trial, but it does have a number of options to try the service with no risk! Sling offers a 3-day trial in its app on many devices, as well as offering Freeview Weekends where you can try Sling TV for free!

Is There A Free Trial For Sling TV?
Yes! Sling currently offers a 3-day free trial when you sign-up in the app on many popular streaming devices, computers, and mobile phones.

Are There Contracts On Sling TV?
No! There are never any contracts on any Sling products, so you never have to worry about being stuck in a long-term contract with a product you aren’t happy with. Sling TV makes streaming your favorite programs as easy as possible.

Are There Any Current Promotions For Sling TV?
Sling is constantly running great promotions and deals for new and existing current customers. Currently, new customers can take advantage of half off their first month when they sign up for Sling TV!