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Stream Free TV + Movies With Sling FreeStream

If you’re looking to fill your home with the best entertainment, it’s time to cut the cord and start streaming – for FREE! While it may sound too good to be true, it really isn’t! Sling TV offers the Sling FreeStream program, which allows viewers to begin streaming live tv, movies, and on-demand content to their home and mobile devices, for absolutely no cost. It doesn’t require any sign up, credit card information, or personal information – it’s not even a timed free trial! 

Sling FreeStream is simply a free taste of Sling TV’s full streaming platform they offer to everyone. It has some of the United States’ leading channels and favorite movies, and is watchable on all your favorite devices such as laptops, cell phones, smart tv’s, gaming consoles, and more. If you’re thinking about switching to a streaming service for your home entertainment, Sling FreeStream is a great option to give it a try!

What Shows Are On Sling FreeStream?

FreeStream offers some of the best shows from top tv networks, all for free. All you have to do is visit their site, and you can start watching shows such as Portlandia, Fear The Walking Dead, Family Feud, or Reno 9-11. Plus, you can easily watch all of these amazing shows, and more, right on your mobile device, tablets, laptops, and more. Sling also offers an impressive array of live new programs such as ABC News Live, Fox News, and CBS News Now, so you can stay up-to-date on national and regional news stories.

Stream Full Movies on Sling FreeStream

Many of the live channels on Sling FreeStream will play full-length movies for you to watch! Some examples of great films showing currently on FreeStream include Batman, The Lost City, and Thanksgiving With The Carters. Like most movies on television, there will be some occasional advertising breaks, but it’s a great way to watch a movie you’ve been wanting to catch for no cost. Plus, you can always tune in to live programming on your home or mobile devices, so you can start watching on your smart tv, and pick up where you left off on your smartphone!

On-Demand Programs with FreeStream

Sling is known for its robust live tv offerings, but it also has a huge selection of on-demand movie and tv content you can stream for free on FreeStream. There are some truly classic films including A Good Day To Die Hard, Weekend at Bernie’s, and The Goonies, as well as some great newer films such as A Dark Place, Camp Cold Brook, 22 Chaser, and more. If tv series are more your speed, you can easily stream shows like Portlandia, Alf, or To Catch A Killer. Whether you’re looking to find a new favorite, or binge watch a “comfort food” movie, be sure to check out Sling Free Streams On-Demand content!

Sling FreeStream Full Channel Guide

There are so many channels and on-demand options on Sling FreeStream that the Full Channel Guide will quickly become your best friend. It’s an incredibly helpful way to see exactly what each network is airing currently, and in the future. The guide also shows you what tv and movie content is currently available for streaming! The Sling FreeStream guide is a great way to navigate the huge amount of content the platform offers!

Sling FreeStream Extras + Features

Not only does Sling FreeStream offer users a massive selection of live tv content for free, but they also extend a number of impressive extras + features. Users can take advantage of a large collection of on-demand tv and movies that you can stream anywhere you’d like for no cost! You can also watch all of these options anywhere you’d like – from your devices at home, to tablets and smartphones. There’s even a “continue watching” feature that lets you start watching on one device, and continue on a different device!


Is Sling FreeStream A Free Trial?
No! Sling FreeStream is not a timed trial, and there’s no payment or personal info needed! It’s just a great way to stream and on-demand content, and get a view of Sling TV’s great service.


Are There Live Sports on Sling FreeStream?
Yes! There are a number of live sports programs on Sling FreeStream! 


Can You Watch Sling FreeStream on Mobile?
Absolutely! You can use Sling FreeStream on just about any device you could imagine, including smartphones, smart tv’s, gaming devices, tablets, laptops, and more!


Does Sling FreeStream Require Credit Card Info?
Not at all! Sling FreeStream truly is a free way to stream live tv and on-demand programming. It requires no credit card or personal information.


Is Still Sling FreeStream Still Available?
Yes it is! Sling FreeStream is currently available for everyone!